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Hydroturf Traction creates a non-slip surface and also helps to absorb impact, preventing damage to your PWC. We recommend applying to the gunnel and super structure. This helps to prevent damage from boards and provides extra grip when moving around your PWC.


Note: Sheets may have some small holes, this is a natural occurrence in EVA material. Warranty will not cover colours noted with a * for colour fading.


Pair with our bumper replacment kit for easy install.

Hydroturf Traction


    • Hydroturf sheets have 3M® adhesive backing
    • Cuts: Seven variations to choose from
    • Colours: available in solid, camo and 2-tone.
      Note: colours marked with a * will fade
    • 2-tone sheet size: useable area is 0.93x1.47m


    We can order in colurs and cuts that are not currently in stock.

    Larger sheets are recommend for fitout of full-size skis (Yamaha FX and VX, Sea Doo GTI, GTX and GTR models)

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