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This trailer is perfectly suited to areas with restricted vehicle beach access as it is light weight and effortlessly rolls over the sand thanks to Wheeleez™ tyres.

It can be compactly packed up allowing for easy storage, making it perfect for those with minimal storage space, or wanting a trailer than can be quickly assembled.

Wheeleez™ IRB Boat Trailer

    • Hitch kit to allow easy towing
    • Four main frame sections
    • Two assembled uprights with rollers
    • Assembled bow stop roller
    • Cross strap
    • Two axles with quick clip pins
    • Seven wire lock pins
    • Foam bow stop bumper
    • Handle with foam grips
    • 2 Wheeleez™ balloon wheels
    • Weight (without wheels): 22kg
    • Payload capacity: 220kg
    • Single frame adjusts in three ways; length (up to 5.8m), width (up to 2.1m) and height (up to 46cm) to increase ground clearance
    • Adjustable sling support strap cradles the boat hull
    • Balloon Wheel Dimensions: diameter 49cm x width 23cm 
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