The ultimate big wave / jet ski accessory. With its large 6’0 size there is plenty of room to stack a couple of boards as you head to spot X. The sled weighs around 1/3 of conventional solid sleds, your ski will feel light in the water, getting you out of the impact zone faster.


INFLATE - Gone are the days of having to transport a big heavy sled. Unpack and inflate quickly and easily, ready to go in a couple of minutes.

STRONG - Every area of this is reinforced to make it very tough and able to handle whatever nature can throw at it.

CONSTRUCTION - SEAL SKIN Super tough double layer

AGENDA Inflatable Rescue Sled

  • Thick hard wearing PVC with extra layer on the bottom to protect if rubbing occours.

    Size 182cm x 105cm x 10cm
    Packing carton weight 17kg. Sled weight deflated and inflated 15kg incl straps.