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Made with industrial grade PVC, this extra-large dry bag is more than just a storage solution: think of it as a trailer for your PWC. It can fit the Agenda Rescue Sled along with any wetsuits, lifejackets, tow ropes or pumps.

Using the strap at one end you can attach a small grapple anchor to it, meaning when you go tow surfing you can leave any excess equipment in the bag floating in the water.

On top of all that it’ll connect to your Rescue Sled, allowing you to easily transport dive gear, fishing gear or camping equipment.  

Agenda Jet Ski Sled Dry Bag

    • Industrial grade PVC
    • Floats
    • Extra-large size to fit more than just the sled
    • Strap at one end to attach to a small grapple anchor
    • Inflation chamber with blow-valve to top up buoyancy
    • Can also be used for up to 5’ Foil Board and Foil (when disassembled)
    • Size: 150cm x 45cm
    • Colours: Orange or Grey
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