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jet sport west

Safety and Big Wave Equipment


New Zealand born Jet Sport West started in 2012 from humble beginnings developing their own hatch and seat straps, the must have for all personal water craft (PWC) tackling the surf. From there Jet Sport West has expanded their product range and services making PWC equipment more accessible to all Kiwi’s. Owners, Nick and Leif, have pulled on their years of lifesaving and surfing experience to make world class products, including collaborating on the Agenda Rescue Sled.

If you’re looking to open the door to using your personal water craft in the surf zone make sure it’s kitted out to handle whatever is forecast. The Jet Sport West kit and PWC customisation will ensure you’re ready to safely tackle all your water missions, whether you’re tow surfing, foiling or bar crossing on your way to whatever’s next.

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ABOUt us

what we do

Tow ropes, sleds, hatch and seat straps, EVA turf and more. Get your PWC kit out. 

pwc courses

From Basic Watercraft Operation to the Advanced Surf Operations course, we can ensure you're safe on the water. 

event water safety

We provide custom water safety to meet every events individual needs. 

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